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JAMUNA CHRISTIAN JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL is the oldest school in Allahabad with more than four thousand enrolled students. JAMUNA CHRISTIAN JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL is essentially a day school having Hostel facility for hundred & twenty boarders from out station.

The school is committed to the education of girl child and this tradition has continued since 1861 till date. Academically we are well-equipped for providing all the facilities required for students.

As high-tech education has become a part of the education system, we in JAMUNA CHRISTIAN JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL have left no stone unturned to achieve our goal of modernisation of education. We have four Computer laboratories with latest version of Computers at the disposal of the students. To enhance their knowledge and refresh their mind we have our School Library with innumerable reference books, fiction and non-fiction books and encyclopaedias.

We have excelled in the field of sports as well. We have produced a number of State and national level athletes. To prepare them for such events the school has provided them with a wonderful swimming pool and a basket-ball court with two coaches. We emphasize upon the All-round development of a Child's personality. We give them ample opportunities to exhibit their talents on the stage.
We have two Auditoriums, Senior and Junior where time and again we have extra-curricular activities like Debate, Elocution, Dramatics and Singing competition.


535, Mutthiganj, Allahabad, UP, India.
namratalall8@gmail.com ,

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