Head Girl's Report

“Follow no one but learn from everyone. Be a leader. You cannot be anything if you want to be a follower.”

Change is the law of nature. And every academic session bring change with its new resolution, desires and defiance for everyone. This academic session 2016-17 holds a special place in my life and shall run on to do so being the head girl of an obeisance institution like Jumna Christian Junior High School.

Having a badge avails a great responsibility. The investiture ceremony produces a keen interest in all of us to carry out our duties assigned to all of us. The moment I took the oath, I decided to do my best to lead the school.

Our Principal mam has always taught us one motto – Do not go where the path may lead, you should make your own path. Our Principal Ma’am and the teachers of J.C.J.H.S make us realize our talent by encouraging us.

There are many exciting activities such as Elocution, Creative Writing Competition, Art Competition etc., that generates a self- confidence in every student.

I would like to thank our Principal Ma,am, Mrs. Namrata Lall, all the teachers for giving me good opportunity to be the Head Girl. And I am proud to be a student of an institution having hard working and discipline mainting students.

Thus I end with these inspirational lines:                                                                                                      “Success is the result of good judgment,                                                                                                        Good   Judgment is a result of experience,                                                                                                Experience is the result of bad judgment.   


Shreshtha Malviya

   (Head Girl)


535, Mutthiganj, Allahabad, UP, India.
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