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‘The strength of the group is the strength of the leader; - Vince Lombarde.

This year the students of the Ambedkar House participated in all the events with great zeal throughout the year in order to win and achieve the first position. Even though Ambedkar House lost out in the overall competition, the spirit of competition was found to be truly alive till the end.

         The Ambedkar House managed to secure the first position in the following events- Junior and Senior group Elocution competition and collage making competition.

       The House also secure the second position in creative writing competition, colouring competition and poster making competition. The house students also did well in science fest. In Junior section, the students made flood alarm and secure second position. In senior section, the students made Hydraulic shovel and bagged the second position.

     All year round Ambedkar House was seen giving a spirited performance and had its share of victories and disappointments. These result appear both disappointing and uninspiring but, nevertheless, the House has put in some good work and I hope that in the forthcoming events Ambedkar House will “try try again”, until it reaches at the top of the lists. But this was not the end, as we all know winning and losing is part of the game. “The determination to win is part of winning.”

      As it is said “Work hard in silence success is the noise,” Hard Work and commitment towards a goal pay off well. I also appreciate the members who put their full efforts in maintaining the Ambedkar House Board throughout the year and it is my appeal to all Ambedkar House students to maintain their enthusiastic spirit.

        Lastly, I would like to end with these words:

“There are no secrets to success. It is the results of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.”



Mrs. Namita Lamuel

House Misttress    





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